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Backyard Planting


TEP's Backyard Planting Program (BYPP) is a cost-free, voluntary assistance program for private landowners who want to remove invasive species from their streamsides and improve habitats for fish and wildlife. The BYPP Coordinator works with private landowners to develop site-specific riparian restoration plans for their property. Restoration plans detail how the BYPP will remove invasive riparian plant species like blackberry, reed canary grass, and knotweed and which native tree and shrub species will be planted in their place. All of the work including planning, invasive species removal, and maintenance (2-4 years) are provided completely free of charge to the landowner. For information, please email info@tbnep.org, or call 503-322-2222.

For Landowners

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Why does TEP do this for landowners?

A substantial amount of the lowland riparian areas within coastal watersheds are privately owned properties. Many of these properties have severely-impaired riparian conditions that do not provide adequate shade, habitat complexity, or erosion control to creeks and rivers. These conditions reduce water quality and can have devastating effects on salmon populations.

Habitat loss on private properties can only be addressed through the stewardship of private residential landowners. BYPP just lends a helping hand.

BYPP's History

How Long has TEP offered BYPP?

In 2003, the TEP initiated BYPP. In its first year, 15 landowners participated, and over 4 miles (20 acres) were cleared of invasive vegetation and planted with 3,500 native trees and shrubs.

In 2004, 28 landowners signed up and another 4 streamside miles were planted with nearly 4,500 trees and shrubs.

Since its beginning, TEP's Backyard Planting Program has treated 40 miles of stream and 250 acres of riparian area. 127 private landowners have been serviced with over 50,000 trees planted, over 15,000 shrubs planted, and over 80,000 vegetative cuttings installed.

BYPP Partners

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Tillamook County Creamery Association

Tillamook County Soil & Water Conservation District

NORP - Northwest Oregon Restoration Partnership

Private Landowners