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Education Kits

To complement the Children's Clean Water Festival, TEP developed eleven water education study kits that teachers can check out for free from the TEP office. Each of these kits contain numerous hands-on activities with their associated props, field equipment, curricula, and exceptional children's literature on water resources.

These kits may be checked out for up to two weeks by teachers/educators in Tillamook County through the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership by calling Alix Lee or Claudine Rehn 503-322-2222 or send an email to alix@tbnep.org.

Water Quality

Boy looking through microscope

Grades: 4-12 download
Measurements of streams, lakes, and wetlands allows students to understand that humans have a direct impact on the cleanliness & health of our water. Students measure, use numbers and interpret data as they are introduced to the water quality parameters of pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and turbidity. Use: field/classroom.

Community Awareness

boy recycling

Grades: K-9 download
Designed to help students learn how they can make a difference in Oregon's environment - by doing simple things in their own homes! Students will examine real-world issues they will face as citizens of the future. Use in the classroom.


children learning outdoors

Grades: 4-12 download
This kit is an excellent introduction to, or in-depth look at, watersheds. The Watershed Model is a terrific tool to learn about non-point source pollution and how it impacts our waterways and bays. Students can build their own watershed or analyze current and historical maps to define trends and changes in their watershed. Use in the field and in the classroom.

Explore A Bay

boy holding sculpin

Grades: 4-adult download
This kit is a collection of resources that can be used to both prepare for and use on a field trip to Nestucca, Tillamook, Nehalem Bay or a local beach. The kit includes an assortment of books and field guides that relate to these areas. Use in the classroom or in the field.


Grades: 4-12 download
Explore wetlands and many components. Focus on understanding what defines a wetland. Birds, mammals, and invertebrates rely on wetlands for habitat. Further focus is placed on wetland functions in a larger context to demonstrate the role that they play as both reservoirs for water and as filters. Use: field/classroom.


children looking at a frog

Grades: 4-12 download
This kit will help you explore the magnificent world of macroinvertebrates. Macroinvertebrates are the "canaries in the coalmine" for stream ecosystems. Students will discover how these organisms can teach them about water quality. Complete with tools for collecting and identifying macros. Use in the field or classroom.

Animal Track

two deer

Grades: 4-adult download
Many different plants and animals live in the watershed outside the tidal boundaries of the estuary. This kit will guide students as they develop tracking and identification skills, learn about anatomy, adaptations, and behavior, and cultivate a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of the entire watershed.


Grades: 2-adult download
Tillamook County is home to several vibrant intertidal communities just waiting to be explored. This kit introduces the complexity and fragility of these ecosystems that are always on the edge. Classroom activities give an excellent overview, and all equipment is provided for an intertidal field trip.

Birds of the Estuary

Grades: 2-adult download
Learn about these amazing winged creatures and what makes them different from all other living things. Both coastal and inland birds are explored through a variety of hands on activities, classroom exercises, and other media in this long-awaited education kit. Use in the field and classroom.


Grades: 4-adult download
Components still being organized, but available for use. Just ask if you're interested!