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Southern Flow Corridor Project Supports Millions of Dollars in Community and Economic Benefits

Posted on Dec. 28th, 2021

A new report by Oregon State University highlights the socioeconomic benefits of the effort to restore habitat for threatened salmon and reduce community flooding in Tillamook, Oregon.




The researchers found that the project provided a multitude of benefits including:

  • Supporting 108 jobs and $14.6 million in total economic output in Oregon
  • Increasing the value of homes in nearby residential areas by 10 percent
  • Reducing flooding on Highway 101, fewer highway closures would save approximately $7,200 in travel costs per flooding event
  • Improving water quality and decreasing the amount of dredging needed in Tillamook Bay
  • Storing 27,000 tons of coastal blue carbon

Learn more about the benefits of the project at the link below. The report was funded by the NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation, with technical support from its Restoration Center. Partners on the Southern Flow Corridor project included FEMA, Tillamook County, Tillamook Estuary Partnership, local landowners, and many others.


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