Tillamook Estuaries Partnership

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of any community-based organization and TEP is no exception. Ranging in age from 8 to 124, TEP volunteers are a vital resource in helping us to promote stewardship and enhance our watersheds. TEP volunteer opportunities are not limited to those listed below, so if you would like to suggest a project we'd love to hear from you!

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program

TEP supports a dedicated team of community volunteers who collect water samples throughout the Tillamook Bay watershed. Data on bacteria and temperature reflect water quality trends and help us to target enhancement activities to critical areas. Volunteers are needed for either bi-monthly sampling or as periodic backup samplers. For more information, email flynn@tbnep.org.

Flynn DeLany 503-322-2222

Native Plant Nursery

Local Watershed Councils, natural resource agency personnel, and TEP are partnering to develop a source for local riparian plantings through the cultivation and growing of native plants. Periodic work days at the our native plant nursery, local seed harvest and planting are just a couple of ways that volunteers can help. For more information, email asa@tbnep.org.

Asa Skinner 503-322-2222

Children's Clean Water Festival

This one-day event in the spring brings every Tillamook County fourth grader to a series of workshops and hands-on activities that teach them about the value of clean water to their environment. The event is aimed to complement the new Oregon Science Standards and to support local school districts with sound and exciting science education.  Volunteers chaperone a class throughout the day's activities or can lead a 30-minute session with training from TEP staff, and are treated to a free lunch!  For more information, email diana@tbnep.org.

Diana DiMarco 503-322-2222

Down by the Creekside

Held over four days in May each year, Tillamook County's third graders spend a full day next to a creek, river, or slough to learn the importance of their impact. Volunteers lead groups through several educational sessions focused on local plants, animals, birds, trail building, or other natural history subjects. Opportunities also exist to lead a session with pre-training from TEP staff, that compliments the new Oregon Science Standards.  For more information, email diana@tbnep.org.

Diana DiMarco 503-322-2222


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