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Volunteer(s) Needed for Sand Lake Water Quality Sampling

Posted on Aug. 1st, 2021

Be a part of the Clean Water Team!

TEP is looking for 1-2 volunteers to collect water quality samples at Sand Lake.  You will be part of our citizen science team that has been monitoring the bays, rivers, and creeks of Tillamook County since 1997.

Water quality samples are collected twice each month, year-round, on Wednesday mornings. We would love to have either (1) one person collecting samples twice per month or (2) two people sharing the location, with each collecting samples once per month.  

The Sand Lake route has three locations, which will take about one hour to complete.  Samples are collected by lowering a small container into the water (you do not need to get wet).  Samples are then delivered to the TEP office at the Port of Garibaldi or the DEQ office in downtown Tillamook before noon.

Equipment and training will be provided by TEP.   No experience is necessary. 

For more information, please contact Kristi Foster, Executive Director, at kristi@tbnep.org.


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