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Water Security & World Water Day

Posted on Mar. 22nd, 2021

Celebrate World Water Day (March 22nd) by creating your own Water Security Diorama

Water means different things to different people. Here on Oregon's North Coast, we're surrounded by water. The Pacific Ocean to our west, beautiful salmon bearing streams flowing from the mountains to our east, dynamic estuaries bordering many of our towns, and up to 200 inches of annual rainfall in some of our nearby forests. Our communities depend on and thrive off the abundance.

This is not the case for everyone worldwide though, and even those of us living with an abundance of water face the difficulties of ensuring that water is clean and regularly deal with issues such as frequent flooding. A community's ability to ensure access to enough clean water to meet all the needs of that community and the environment is referred to as "water security".

We are excited to share the Water Security Diorama Project as a hands-on way to visualize a number of water security issues including climate change, disasters, ecosystems, sanitation, and financing. You can create your own diorama, using the included workbook with printouts, and explore more about water security with the information provided.

Download the Water Security Diorama Project Here.




We want to say a very special thank you to Tillamook Estuaries Partnership ex-officio board member Greg Cermak for creating and sharing the Water Security Diorama Project with us.   You can read more about Greg at https://impartica.net

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