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Hiring Now Community Engagement Coordinator

Join our growing team and have a great time doing a lot of good for the estuaries we all love!

Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP) is looking for somebody to help translate our work into meaningful experiences that inspire people and provide them with opportunities to experience first-hand the connection between the recreation they enjoy in Tillamook County and the restoration work we do.

Scroll down for more information on TEP, the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) job description, and how to apply.


General Job Description

The Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) position is an integral part of Tillamook Estuaries Partnership’s high-performing team, and its primary objective is to enhance the organization’s visibility and impact within the community.  The CEC accomplishes this objective by planning and leading events that connect people to the work we do and the natural resources we strive to protect; promoting STEAM education and environmental stewardship;  cultivating a vibrant and engaged volunteer community; representing the organization at public events; building and advancing estuary- and watershed-related internships and fellowships; enhancing support for TEP through fundraising events and outreach; and supporting our partners in ways that amplify the impacts of our shared goals.        

How does this role support TEP’s mission?

The Community Engagement Coordinator engages people of all ages and provides opportunities for environmental stewardship in order to create successive generations of residents and visitors who will care for the future vitality of Tillamook’s estuaries and watersheds. The CEC’s activities directly align with one of TEP’s overarching goals: “Foster awareness of Tillamook County’s estuaries and watersheds, engage in problem-solving, and take action to conserve and enhance our natural resources.”

What is this role accountable for?

  • TEP’s community engagement events
  • Providing experiential learning opportunities, including the Children’s Clean Water Festival
  • Facilitating Tillamook County STEAM Network meetings
  • Facilitating the Explore Nature (EN) partnership and EN events hosted by TEP
  • Developing and managing content, check out system, and awareness campaigns for TEP’s resource kits
  • Developing and implementing a volunteer recognition program; managing TEP’s VolunteerLocal account; and recruiting, training, and managing volunteers for events and ongoing community programs
  • Representing the organization at partner-led community engagement and environmental stewardship events

How do we measure success?

  • Robust community attendance at TEP events
  • Active volunteer participation in ongoing community programs and creation of new volunteer opportunities
  • TEP is highly visible and actively engaged at strategically selected partner-led events
  • Annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are reviewed by TEP leadership, and all job-related goals are being met
  • Annual TEP workplans are submitted to EPA and all organizational goals are being met


Job-Specific Responsibilities

  • Work as part of TEP’s team to implement our community engagement strategies and, by extension, support TEP’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) via the strategic communications plan.
    • Assist development director in developing and implementing comprehensive event strategies especially in relationship to TEP Events, including analyses of strategy effectiveness
    • Facilitate Explore Nature program (e.g. partner meetings, seasonal calendars, shared event reservation system, website); develop, lead, and advertise TEP’s Explore Nature events programs that connect restoration and recreation activities
    • Organize and direct all aspects of TEP Events (e.g, Estuary Week activities, annual Year in Review/Bounty of the Bays, anniversary celebrations, and others) including fundraising
    • Coordinate and continuously improve existing TEP Children’s Clean Water Festival; including, but not limited to, in-classroom presentations, communications, volunteer management, logistics, and leading activities that connect to the importance of clean water in relation to TEP’s mission
    • Lead the collaborative effort with other staff to put into action a formal volunteer management program, including recruitment, training, recognition, and retention; manage TEP’s VolunteerLocal account
    • Work with partners to implement internship/citizen science programs with local high schools, regional community colleges, university educators, SeaGrant, etc.
    • Ensure resource kits are up-to-date; develop and implement awareness campaigns; manage checkouts and inventories
    • Facilitate coordination of Tillamook Coast STEAM Network meetings
    • Develop strategic plan for participating in partner-led community engagement events that amplify TEP’s mission; represent TEP during planning and implementation of those events
    • Expand existing partnerships and initiate new partnerships with community organizations, agencies, municipalities, and other groups focused on EPA CCMP-related initiatives through events or activities. Proactively cultivate relationships across diverse communities to provide new opportunities for engagement and encourage community-wide conservation ethic, create opportunities for education, and build connections between the community and watershed stewardship
    • Develop, gather, and evaluate analytics from events and utilize those for future community engagement planning.
    • Provide social media content in support of TEP Communications Plan. Work collaboratively with TEP Communications Coordinator.
    • Incorporate DEI and accessibility into community engagement programs as appropriate
    • Assist grant fundraising efforts to implement community engagement programs; including, but not limit to, budget development, grant submittals, award agreements, development of subcontractor scopes of services and requests for proposals, selection criteria, contract management, invoicing and payments, report requirements, tracking mechanisms, and outreach content development.


General Responsibilities

  • Support TEP staff, Board of Directors, and partners in the development, implementation, and reporting of TEP’s CCMP; 5-year strategies, annual work plans
  • Represent TEP at meetings, committees, conferences, and workshops as needed
  • Communicate TEP’s achievements through talks, reports, quarterly newsletters, website content, and social media postings. Tailor content to audiences, display information clearly and with high impact
  • Support TEP- and partner-led water quality, restoration, monitoring, nursery, and communications programs
  • Any other duties as assigned


Qualifications for New Hires into Position

Equity and Diversity  – The Right Fit, Rather than a Perfect Fit

Studies have shown that underrepresented people often do not apply for technical jobs unless they feel they meet every qualification or requirement listed in a job description.  Conversely, people with identities overrepresented in these fields often do not hesitate to apply for jobs even if they do not meet all stated qualifications.  TEP does not expect one person to perfectly fit the Community Engagement Coordinator job description prior to holding a similar position for several years. TEP wants the right fit, for both the employee and for TEP.    Prior experience may be transferable, even if it is outside what is described herein.  Training and professional development is available to TEP employees to help improve skills.  Passionate and interested people with the core competencies listed above are encouraged to apply.


Minimum Requirements

  • Two-Three years of experience implementing engagement programs and events with a natural resource focus
  • Proficiency with Office software, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe or other similar software
  • English language proficiency
  • Reliable transportation to/from TEP’s office that does not interfere with the hours required for this position. (This can include public transportation.)
  • Proof of valid driver’s license and current auto liability insurance. These are required (i) prior to driving any TEP-owned vehicle and (ii) prior to driving any vehicle, including personal vehicle, for any TEP-related business.  Having a personal vehicle is more convenient for the CEC position but is not a pre-employment qualification.
  • Must pass (i) TEP’s criminal background check and (ii) all other school-related background checks that may be required to implement the Children’s Clean Water Festival program.


Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, ecology, engineering, or other related sciences; or in environmental education.
    • Military, Peace Corps, and extended work experience may substitute for a four-year bachelor’s degree. Rule of thumb:  At least one year of transferable experience per year of university/college.
    • Associate degree in disciplines similar to those listed above plus two years of relevant work experience may substitute for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience coordinating large groups of volunteers
  • Experience working with diverse populations, rural communities, and private landowners
  • Demonstrated proficiency in grant-writing or other fundraising efforts
  • Experience managing program budgets
  • Familiarity with Canva, InDesign or other similar software.
  • Familiarity with Oregon state benchmarks for STEM literacy


Desired Attributes throughout Tenure in this Position

  • Comfortably works with all age groups and abilities: community members, partners, teachers, school children, interns, incarcerated youth, etc.
  • Displays a positive attitude toward and enthusiasm for participating on high-performance teams
  • Strong collaboration skills, ability to motivate others, build consensus, and follow-through with group decisions
  • Effective communications (e.g. respectful and courteous in all verbal and non-verbal communications; considers messaging through DEIJ lens)
  • Prioritizes tasks to manage projects, adapting as needed to changing priorities, deadlines, and instructions
  • Self-motivated and able to carry out tasks and respond to situations as they arise with minimal supervision
  • Understands and continuously learns about a broad range of issues related to habitat restoration and living resources and is able to condense that knowledge into forms that are easily understood by partners and the public
  • Demonstrates a concern for accuracy (e.g. high attention to detail during unit cost analyses, plant pricing, plant allocations and distribution logistics, invoicing, data entry and spreadsheet management)
  • Demonstrates a concern for effectiveness (e.g. proactively analyzes current procedures and adapts to changing needs in a timely fashion)
  • Demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior
  • Works in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner


Working Conditions

Work Location (Where & Getting There)

Work shall be performed in office environments and in the field at many different locations (e.g. TEP’s nursery and project sites, schools, restaurants, outdoor education facilities, tabling events, Explore Nature sites, etc.).  Office work will occur at TEP’s main office in Garibaldi, located at 613 Commercial St. Garibaldi, Oregon, 97118.

TEP’s Main Office – Located in the Port of Garibaldi.  Public transportation buses do not come directly into the Port of Garibaldi.  Getting between the TEP office and the nearest stop requires moving approx. 0.4 miles through the Port (some sections of roadway do not have sidewalks) and over railroad tracks.  Traffic can be heavy at times with lumber trucks, recreational fishing boats on trailers, passenger vehicles, and the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad train.

Field Locations –  Work spaces in the field may be indoors, outside under tents, or almost entirely open to the elements.  Must be comfortable working in all weather conditions, year-round throughout Tillamook County, and ready to make adaptive plans for adverse weather. The CEC may sometimes drive on unpaved, logging roads outside of cellular service, for certain Explore Nature activities.  Will have access to emergency satellite communications and emergency supplies in case of breakdown, but must be prepared and self-reliant to handle these situations.

Work Hours (When)

TEP’s full-time staff typically work four 10-hour days each week, 7:00am – 5:30pm, Mondays through Thursdays.  Evening and weekend work may be required occasionally to support TEP.  The CEC may be eligible to work an alternative schedule in order to accommodate personal/family needs.  Options include (i) an alternate four 10-hour days workweek, Tues-Fri; and (ii) an alternate five 8-hour days workweek, Mon-Fri.

The CEC position is eligible to work a hybrid schedule in accordance with TEP’s Workplace Policies:  work up to half of the regularly scheduled work hours remotely from a home office.

An alternative work schedule and the hybrid option are each contingent upon workload and job performance, and is at TEP management’s discretion.

Work Environment

Work assignments may require sitting, recording and entering data, typing, bending, stooping, kneeling, pulling, reaching, driving, walking/moving along uneven surfaces and in rough terrain, lifting up to 30 pounds, and occasionally contending with adverse weather conditions requiring special clothing and safety precautions.

Work Rules 

This position is subject to all TEP policies including, but not limited to, those provided in the Employee Handbook, Fiscal Policy, safety protocols, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). This position is subject to pre-employment background checks and periodic background checks during employment.

Work Travel

Travel during work hours for this position will usually be <100 miles per month.  TEP currently has only two vehicles, which are typically unavailable for this position.

  • TEP reimburses its employees for their personal vehicle usage during company-related travel, excluding commuting to and from work, at the IRS standard mileage rate.
  • The CEC needs to show proof of a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance at the time of hire, and maintain a valid license and insurance for the duration of employment with TEP.

Reasonable accommodation will be made for employees who do not have a personal vehicle, but are required to travel during work hours for TEP-related business.


Salary and Benefits

The salary range for this position is $43,300 – $58,200 per year, based on a 40-hr week work schedule.   Actual offer of compensation shall be dependent upon experience.  TEP processes payroll on a monthly basis.


This position is eligible for enrollment in TEP’s comprehensive benefits package. Details on benefits can be provided to candidates during the interview process.     An overview of TEP’s current benefits package for full-time employees includes:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Health Insurance (TEP pays 100% for employee, 80% for spouse and dependent children)
  • Retirement Program – TEP contributes an additional 7% of the employee’s salary into a 401k, with tiered vesting structure based on years of employment with TEP; employee may also contribute to 401k)
  • Holidays – 10 federal holidays plus 2 floating holidays
  • Vacation – Approx 10.5 days per year (accrual system to be explained upon hire)
  • Professional development/training budget: $1250 per year


Application Process:

To apply, please submit the following documents as either .pdf or Word email:

  1. A resume.  Applicant’s contact information must include mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  2. A statement of qualifications and interest.  The statement of qualifications should describe the applicant’s relevant experience and interest in the position and should not exceed two full, single spaced pages.
  3. Three professional references.  Each reference must include the person’s name, email address, phone number (if within this United States), and the person’s affiliation (how you know the person, based on your resume).
  4. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our analytics and reach, we’d greatly appreciate if you could share with us how you learned about this job opportunity.

Please email application materials to Claudine Rehn, Deputy Director at

Applications will be accepted until 5:00pm (Pacific Time), Thursday, June 27, 2024.   Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

TEP will review applications in early July.  All applicants will be contacted by email and advised whether or not they are proceeding to the interview phase of the selection process.  Interviews will be conducted in person or via Zoom, depending on the applicant’s location.  The preferred start date for this position is about August 1, 2024; the exact date shall be agreed upon by the successful candidate and TEP.


Tillamook Estuaries Partnership is an equal opportunity employer.  TEP does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, creed, color, age, national origin, ancestry, marital status, veteran or military status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, application for workers’ compensation benefits, use of statutory protected leave, or any other characteristic or status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws in the administration of its programs or activities.  TEP does not harass, intimidate, or retaliate against any individual or group because they have exercised their rights to participate in actions protected, or oppose actions prohibited, by State of Oregon and Federal civil rights and non-discrimination laws, or for the purpose of interfering with such rights