Watershed Education Kits

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Making it fun to learn about our local ecosystems

TEP also has several FREE environmental educational kits that can be borrowed – perfect for traditional classroom settings, home schools, scouts, and after-school programs. Our events and activities introduce children to the Wonders of Watersheds (WoW!) and empower them to become young environmental stewards. TEP has Watershed Education Kits that K-5 educators and activity leaders can borrow for up to two weeks. Each kit supports a group classroom or outdoor activity, with materials and a lesson plan structured to enrich estuary literacy.

Available Education Kits

ed kit Gyotaku Fish Printing 2024 01

Established over a century ago, Gyotaku is an ancient Japanese art form that was traditionally used to record the size and species of a catch. Gyotaku literally translates to “gyo” = fish, “taku” = rubbing. In this activity, students will use rubber animals, tempera paints, and paper to make Gyotaku prints while learning about fish anatomy.

ed kit Tricky Tracks 2024 01Students will make connections between animal feet and how they live. Play a matching game with animal tracks and photos of animal feet. Then, make your own lifesize animal track impressions using air-dry clay and plaster track stamps.

ed kit Water Quality 2024 01Water quality measurements including pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature are all important factors for salmon and other aquatic organisms. Collect water samples and use water testing kits to determine if your water is healthy enough for a salmon.

ed kit Incredible Journey 2024 01Imagining themselves as a water molecule, students will travel through the water cycle in an interactive dice game that moves them between states of matter. Along the way, students will collect colored beads creating a story bracelet of their incredible journey.

ed kit Macroinvertebrates 2024 01

Time to get your feet wet! Collect macroinvertebrates from a stream, use a key to determine what kind of water bugs they are, and evaluate the health of the stream based on the ratio of macroinvertebrates that are present. This activity is best facilitated where there is safe access to a freshwater stream. For a fun follow-up activity, check out our Modeling Macros kit!

ed kit Modeling Macros 2024 01After sampling and identifying macroinvertebrates with the Macroinvertebrate Watershed Kit, this extension activity allows students to observe the detailed anatomy of aquatic insects. Using colorful air-dry modeling clay, students will make a replica of a macroinvertebrate.

nov2023f Copy

Stocked with a duffle bag of unusual items, in this group activity students will turn one of their peers into a bug while learning about the rad adaptations that it has to thrive in its habitat. Bubble wrap represents sticky feet, and a hard hat mimics an exoskeleton. Don’t forget to turn your classmates back into themselves at the end!

20231108 095322

In this activity, students will practice responsible foraging guidelines while collecting plants to make silhouette paintings. Practicing plant ID, students will also learn about the importance of native plants for salmon habitat. This activity is best facilitated in an outdoor space where students can collect plant clippings.

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