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Community Education & Engagement

Together we can protect our estuaries 

Our program aims to empower community members with knowledge of Tillamook County’s estuaries and watersheds. We do this by designing programs around three key groups: K-12 students, residents, and visitors. Our K-12 program focuses on providing hands-on educational experiences by bringing students into the outdoors or bringing the outdoors into the classroom.  Our events and regular social media posts are geared towards learning while having fun. 

Teaching Love for the environment starts at a young age

We offer two county-wide landmark learning events for students each year. Since 2001, the Children’s Clean Water Festival has hosted over 6,300 fourth-grade students for a full-day field trip focused on the importance of clean estuaries. Our Down By the Creekside program has been adapted over the years, and most recently was offered to all third-grade students in Tillamook County. TEP also offers Watershed Education Kits filled with hands-on activities and games that introduce students to various environmental science topics. These kits align with NGSS standards and are perfect for use in traditional classroom settings, home schools, and after-school programs. TEP also coordinates the Tillamook County STEAM Partnership, which is a network of more than two dozen local educators who collaborate to offer numerous sciences technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics programs county-wide. Our K-12 events and activities aim to empower local students to become young environmental stewards. 


Education through Recreation

TEP co-hosts a series of guided hikes, walks, and paddles for the public through the Explore Nature program. We believe our passion will inspire others to love and protect Tillamook County as we do. Join us to experience the unique features of Tillamook County on mushroom-spotting walks, crabbing clinics, art classes, hikes, and more! Be the first to hear about our events by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media.  

For the independent adventurers, TEP published Tillamook County Water Trail Guides to encourage discovery and enjoyment of local scenic waterways. They have all the information you need to safely get out on one of our bays and go for a paddle including access points, maps, wildlife information, and kayak rental locations.