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icon area salmonids Habitat Restoration

The habitat restoration program enhances and restores vital areas of Tillamook County’s watersheds to support Tillamook County’s economy and cultural identity. With direct involvement from the community, we address habitat changes that have affected the well-being of our estuaries, rivers, and headwaters.


icon program habitat Native Plant Nursery

Locally harvested seeds are planted and grown through a unique partnership with the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) at the Native Plant Nursery. With a shared goal of restoring and preserving habitat, the plants are then distributed to restoration projects along the Oregon Coast via the Northwest Oregon Restoration Partnership (NORP).


icon program water quality Water Quality

Tillamook Estuaries Partnership has a long-term monitoring program that assesses the health of our estuaries and watersheds. Our volunteer water-quality monitoring program keeps the community informed by providing bi-weekly updates on the bacteria levels of local waterways. Clean water means a thriving local economy.


icon program community Community Education & Engagement

Our program aims to foster awareness of Tillamook County’s estuaries and watersheds. Education in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) fields helps local school groups to learn about where they live and provides opportunities to grow a passion for stewardship. Education, outreach, and engagement programs for people of all ages give residents and visitors the opportunity to learn about the importance of Tillamook County's water ways while also having fun.