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A National Estuary Project

Following CDC guidelines in regards to coronavirus, TEP Staff will be working staggered schedules until future notice. The best way to reach TEP staff is by email. Staff email addresses can be found under the "Who we are" Staff page.

Located on the north coast of Oregon, we are dedicated to conserving and restoring Tillamook County's estuaries and watersheds in their entirety. With a committed staff and a large team of volunteers we spend our efforts targeting water quality, habitat loss, erosion and sedimentation, and flooding through restoration, monitoring, education and outreach. more...

Upcoming Events

Art Illuminating Science: Gyotaku impressions from the Sea

 October 14, 2023
Learn Gyotaku printing techniques on important local species including seaweeds, crab, rockfish, octopus and salmon. Printing master Duncan Berry will share his knowledge of printing and archival paper and inks in this remarkable tradition.



Our Nurturing Natives event series is back! Save the dates for June 8th and June 22nd to come join us from Noon - 3pm at the TEP Native Plant Nursery, located at the Port of Tillamook Bay. Join us at the TEP Native Plant Nursery to help with the new year's seedlings that will be used to recover critical Oregon Silverspot Butterfly habitat. You’ll also be able to take free seedlings home to create native pollinator habitat in your yard! TEP is seeking volunteers to care for seedlings that will help restore coastal prairie habitat. These plants will increase the area of existing strongholds and provide pollinator species to the critically endangered Oregon Silverspot Butterfly. Volunteers will be given a brief training and then let loose to help thin the overcrowded seedlings. This step of the process is vital in order for the plants to maximize growth and it is critical that we get to it within this timeframe.


Tillamook Estuaries Partnership to receive $625,000 for Climate Change Monitoring Instruments. This money will enable our team to assess many critical demographics across Tillamook county including; Flood Monitoring, Ocean Acidification, Eel Grass monitoring, and Infrared drone monitoring. With the support of members of Oregon’s congressional delegation in the House of Representatives—Reps. Peter DeFazio, Earl Blumenauer, Suzanne Bonamici, and Kurt Schrader—a total of 145 community-initiated projects in Oregon were included in the package. Full press release below…

SFC 2021 Flood Reduction Report

As-Built Project Validation of Peak Water Level Reduction During the January 2021 Flood

Oct. 22, 2022- Sitka Sedge Community Meeting

Link to the recording of the Sitka Sedge Tidal Wetlands restoration projects Oct. 22, 2022. Contact Jena@tbenp.org for more information regarding the project.

2020 State of the Bays

Just Released! Highlighting the work of TEP and our partners over the last five years, the 2020 State of the Bays Report provides a snapshot of the health of the five watersheds and estuaries in Tillamook County.

SFC Economic Benefits

A new study by OSU has found that the Southern Flow Corridor project provided a multitude of community and economic benefits, in addition to creating habitat and reducing flooding. Learn more by clicking the photo.

Congress Moves to Invest in Estuaries

Congress reaffirmed its commitment to the National Estuary Program by signing the Protect and Restore America’s Estuaries Act law. Learn more about what this means for TEP and Tillamook County.

Peterson Complete!

The Peterson Creek Fish Passage project was completed in fall 2020, successfully replacing an undersized, failing culvert to improve access to more than 6 miles of habitat.

Our 10-Year Plan

We recently updated our Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan - the document that will guide TEP's work for the next 10 years. Learn more bout the work that we do and our goals for the future!

TEP Projects, Water Quality, and Water Trails

Explore our Interactive Map to learn more about TEP Projects, Water Quality Test Results, and navigating local Water Trails

Confluence of Purpose

The history and implementation of the SFC-Landowner Preferred Alternative, a 520 acre flood mitigation and tidal wetland restoration project.

NEP Story Map

The story map describes the 28 National Estuary Programs, the issues they face, and how place-based partnerships coordinate local actions.