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East Beaver Creek

Threatened Coho Salmon
Native Plants
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  1. Pre-assessment (Completed)
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East Beaver Creek

Fall Chinook, Oregon coast coho, winter steelhead, and coastal cutthroat trout are found in East Beaver Creek, a Nestucca River tributary. The product of a private-public partnership, this enhancement and restoration project recreated necessary habitat components and increased instream structural diversity. Placing largewoody debris and scattered individual trees encouraged pools, side channels, and better gravel sorting, all important features of fish habitat and a healthy river. Additionally, an 800-foot section of E. Beaver Creek Rd. was relocated to allow the river to regain its natural meanders and almost 1,300 native trees and shrubs were planted in the riparian corridor. 

Project Details


$121, 254


Completed: 2016

Partners: land owner (Stimson Lumber), Tillamook County, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, and United States Forest Service

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