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Fan Creek Culverts Replacement

Native Plants
Fish Passage
Water Quality


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  1. Pre-assessment (Completed)
  2. Project Design (Completed)
  3. Construction Started (Completed)
  4. Construction Finished (Completed)
  5. Monitoring Active (In Progress)

Two culverts were replaced on Fan Creek, a tributary in the upper Nestucca River watershed. Together, these culverts blocked passage to approximately 1.2 miles of salmon spawning and rearing habitat. The new culverts, designed to pass 100-year flood waters and meet fish passage requirements, are open-bottomed structures that include constructed stream beds to simulate juvenile salmon habitat.

Project Details




Completed 2012

Funded by the Bureau of Land Management and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

Lower Culvert: Before and After

project Fan Creek lower before outlet instream project Fan Creek lower after Culvert

Upper Culvert: Before and After

project Fan Creek upper before project Fan Creek upper after Culvert