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Sitka Sedge

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Threatened Coho Salmon
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  1. Pre-assessment (Completed)
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  4. Construction Finished
  5. Monitoring Active

Restoring Tidal Wetland Function at Sitka Sedge

Sitka Sedge Natural Area encompasses the southern end of the Sand Lake estuary. This Oregon state park is a popular recreation area and supports important habitat, plants, and wildlife. This project will protect the vulnerable community of Tierra Del Mar and restore tidal wetland and estuarine function on 68 acres in Sand Lake Estuary by addressing the actively failing dike and non-functional tide gate. It will include a modern tide gate installation, stream realignment(s), and culvert replacements. We are in the initial stages of securing funding, communicating with partners, and impacted community members, and analyzing risks. Detailed site assessments conducted over the previous three years show restoring daily tidal patterns will regenerate nutrient cycling and food-web connections, improving foraging habitat for threatened juvenile coho salmon and other estuarine fish species. Benefits of the completed project will include safer road access for people, improved recreational access, less flooding, improved salmon spawning and rearing habitat, increased protection from sea-level rise, and a healthy estuary.

For updates and to submit comments or concerns got to the OPRD website page for this project:


Partners: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Nestucca Neskowin Sand Lake Watersheds Council