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Tillamook Culvert Assessment

Fish Passage


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  1. Pre-assessment (Completed)
  2. Project Design (Completed)
  3. Construction Started (Completed)
  4. Construction Finished (In Progress)
  5. Monitoring Active

We hired six student interns and completed field surveys of nearly 900 road-stream crossings throughout the Tillamook Bay Watershed.

This effort identified 215 culverts within the watershed with potential to block fish passage. We gathered detailed information on these 215 culverts and prioritized them for replacement based on the degree to which they impaired fish passage, quantity and quality of upstream habitats, and the species of fish affected.  Project goals were to facilitate a strategic approach to passage barrier culvert replacement; improve inter-organizational, long-range planning efforts; and allow for more efficient use of funds and other resources. Our efforts are paying off. Some culverts identified and prioritized in this study have already been replaced by our partners and we are moving forward with several replacement projects at this time. 

Funding:  This project was supported by grants of funds from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, Oregon Governors Fund; Tillamook County; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and The Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.. 

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