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Phase 2 – Construction

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The restoration strategy depends upon re-establishing tidal exchange with the Tillamook Bay, as well as hydrologic connectivity between the Wilson and Trask Rivers and their floodplains. The Southern Flow Corridor-Landowner Preferred Alternative Project (SFC-LPA) focuses on removing human alterations to allow the natural processes to restore and maintain the site’s ecosystem functions.

Construction Elements

Levee/Road Removal 6.9 miles
Levee, Dredge Spoil, & Fill Removal 195,000 cy
Levee Modification 2.8 miles
New Levee 1.5 miles
Tidegates Removed 15
New Floodgate / Drainage Tidegates 1 / 8
Structures Removed 1 house and 3 barns
Ditches Filled 4.6 miles
Rip Rap (north side Trask River) 2,025 feet
Channel Reconnections 18
Channel Construction 5.5 miles
Natural Channel Restoration 14 miles
Large Wood Installation determined on site

Existing Conditions Map

Construction Elements Map

Future Conditions Map

Construction Sequencing Process